Wanda4xE is electrifying!

Wanda4xE is electrifying!

Stay Grounded! 


1) Introduce yourself and your Jeep

My name is "Wanda", I’m 32 years old and i’m from Ottawa Canada. Most people know me has Wanda 4xe. 


2) What do you love most about owning a Jeep?

After driving so many vehicles in my life, finally owning a Jeep has made me fall in love with this community and realize all the friendship and opportunities!


3) What city or urban area are you closest to?

Ottawa Canada


4) Off roading isn’t for everyone, but at Urban Jeeping, we believe Jeeps are for everyone. What’s your favorite thing about city crawling? 

I’m cheesy, what I love about city crawling is the Jeep wave or the parking lot pictures.


5) What’s your least favorite thing about driving in a city?

Seeing Ford Broncos and the potholes!


6) What other urban dwelling Jeeps do you like to follow that you think we should feature next?

So many good Jeeps should be featured, but i’m going with @Mudstuck_JL


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