High Tides & Highways

High Tides & Highways

The O.G. Urban Jeeper 
Let's meet this great Jeep and owner! 


1) Introduce yourself and your Jeep

Hello!  Jeremy here... and my 2022 High Velocity Yellow High Tide.  This isn't my first Jeep, but it is the brightest one I have owned.  I have owned and driven an unhealthy amount of vehicles in my lifetime, but when the time came to get another Jeep - the wife said "just get a fun color".  Mission Accomplished! 


2) What do you love most about owning a Jeep?

The phrase "it's a Jeep thing" really does apply.  It's hard to put into words - but just about everyone wants to own a Wrangler.  They drive terrible, get poor gas mileage, and can be a giant pain - and I love every minute of it! 


3) What city or urban area are you closest to?

You will find me in the greater metro Detroit area looking for abandoned places to explore and photograph.  When time permits I like to head north and explore all the areas Michigan has to offer.  


4) Off roading isn’t for everyone, but at Urban Jeeping, we believe Jeeps are for everyone. What’s your favorite thing about city crawling?

I have to "daily" my ride and it's still very low mileage.  I respect heavy off-roaders (mud, rocks, tight trails), but being able to find my annoying yellow rig in a parking lot is quite useful!  


5) What’s your least favorite thing about driving in a city?

Of course looking the part but not necessarily being the part can draw the ire of some.  In the end, everyones adventure is uniquely their own!  Any road can be an adventure.


6) What inspires you? Do you have any accounts, artists, or people that inspire you on this Jeep journey that you’d like to share about?

I have a love of photography and the automotive experience.  The Jeeping community if full of wonderful people with similar interests!  Whether they are on the other side of the United States, living in the windy city of Chicago, dancing in Indiana, or even freezing in the northern parts of Canada -- Jeep is life!  



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