Glossy1's Retro Glamour

Glossy1's Retro Glamour


1) Introduce yourself and your Jeep

Hey everyone! I'm Christa aka glossy1. My rig is Rewbs. She is a 2022 Rubicon Recon and she takes all my money!! She comes stock with a badass attitude...ok wait...maybe thats me! 😂 We both love muddin and getting lost in the forest. Sometimes literally 😅


2) What do you love most about owning a Jeep?

When I jump in my Jeep, I am instantly happy. She is by far the funnest vehicle I have ever owned & she suits my active, adventurous lifestyle! She does create a-lot of attention that I didn't expect but have come to love! The constant modifications keep me excited about her never ending transformation.


3) What city or urban area are you closest to?

Canadian girl here! The province of Saskatchewan, land of living skies, unending backroads and outdoor activities perfect for Jeeping!


4) Off roading isn’t for everyone, but at Urban Jeeping, we believe Jeeps are for everyone. What’s your favorite thing about city crawling? 

City crawling in the summer is never short on Jeep waves, loud music, top down, and unexpected parking lot Jeep Winter its snowbank parking because I can...IYKYK


5) What’s your least favorite thing about driving in a city?

My least favourite thing about city driving is I don't fit in any parking garages 😂 But will I go back to no lift & smaller tires..hell no!!


6) What other urban dwelling Jeeps do you like to follow that you think we should feature next?

This is impossible for me to answer. The Jeeping community is as epic as it gets. I am inspired on the daily by far too many accounts. Nothing like friends that become family! 🤘🏼



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