Anchors Offroad Military Ties

Anchors Offroad Military Ties

Anchors Up! 


1) Introduce yourself and your Jeep

Hey everyone! Anchorsoffroad here. Oh man I’m not very good at talking about myself so bear with me. Let’s see…. I’m 25 years old, originally from SoCal and I’m an officer in the Navy.  Apart from my newfound love for jeeping, I’m extremely passionate about aviation and have turned that passion into a career.  I'm married to my beautiful wife who’s also in the Navy!  Other than that I’m a pretty boring dude to be honest.  Nothing to see here folks 
Now about the Jeep! I got my 2023 Gladiator back in January.  It’s an “Oscar Mike” edition sport that I plan on building up pretty heavily. I’ve got most my cosmetic upgrades done and plan on putting a 392 under the hood with one tons and 40s to “complete” the build.
I’m moving out to California soon and plan on going fast in the desert.  Ultimately the goal with the Jeep is to build it up to comfortably wheel it hard in the sand and (try) to keep up with all the side by sides. 


2) What do you love most about owning a Jeep?

I’d have to say that the sense of community is by far my favorite thing about owning a Jeep.  Being in the military, there’s a huge sense of camaraderie and that’s something I’ve found to be very (surprisingly) apparent in the Jeep community.  It really feels like a big family and I have mommy and daddy issues so that’s a big plus for me


3) What city or urban area are you closest to?

Right now I’m in Pensacola, Florida just like fellow Urban Jeeper “Nacho”!  But like I said earlier, I’ll be moving to California soon and will be in San Diego for the next few years!


4) Off roading isn’t for everyone, but at Urban Jeeping, we believe Jeeps are for everyone. What’s your favorite thing about city crawling? 

Oh man, I love running over curbs.  It’s got to be one of my top 3 favorite things to do next to mall crawling and parallel parking.


5) What’s your least favorite thing about driving in a city?

I’m a city slicker at heart.  What’s not to love?!


6) What other urban dwelling Jeeps do you like to follow that you think we should feature next?

Big fan of @the_mojave_ghost. He’s got a special place in my heart and he’s a straight up dude with a big heart and a badass Jeep!





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